• Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim

    Badewelt Sinsheim, Badewelt, Sinsheim, Germany .

    Escape everyday life and relax in the South Pacific.

    The palm paradise conveys this flair. Lagoons with warm, turquoise water, palm trees and orchids wherever you look, relaxation loungers and a pool bar. You will find all of this on over 10,000 m².

    Choose between 10 saunas, including a café or cinema sauna, and really work up a sweat.

    Saturdays are family days and invite the youngest to enjoy.

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  • Wellness and health park TherMarium Bad Schönborn

    Kraichgaustraße 10, Bad Schönborn, Germany .

    The warm thermal brine from the healing Lambertus spring gushes out of the earth from a depth of 600 meters. With its natural 3% thermal brine and unique health-promoting mineralization, it is one of the strongest healing springs in Germany.

    6 great pools, with countless bubbles, the TherMarium offers a unique variety of healthy and relaxing applications on more than 1,400 m² of water.

    Those who like it really hot are in good hands in the spacious sauna area. 7 saunas, including a cold sauna at -15 ° C, can be discovered on 2500 m².

    A short vacation to the sea: This could be the name of your skin and respiratory tract. Only 45 minutes in the largest "Dead Sea Salt Grotto" in Baden-Württemberg, we work 3 days of relaxation by the sea.

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  • Technik Museum Sinsheim

    Eberhard-Layher-Straße, Sinsheim, Germany .

    From classic oldtimers, to racing and sports cars, to military vehicles, you can marvel at all these companions in the Technik Museum Sinsheim. Outside you will find several planes, including a Concorde, which can be viewed inside.

    Means of transportation from all time periods can be visited.

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  • Technik Museum Speyer

    Am Technik Museum 1, Speyer, Germany .

    Marvel at the discovery of the largest space exhibition in Europe.

    Or explore the interior of a submarine.

    From underwater to commercial vehicles to space, there is something worth seeing for everyone.

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  • Museum Body Worlds Heidelberg

    Poststraße 36/5, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany .

    Visit the world-famous exhibition of the plastic anatomy of the body of Dr. Gunther von Hagens & Dr. Angelina Whalley.

    Interactive stations sensitize you to the complexity of your own body and bring you a little closer to your personal happiness.

    200 unique anatomical plastinates provide amazement and understanding.

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  • Badesee Bad Schönborn

    Holzmüllerrichtweg 4, 76669 Bad Schönborn, Germany .

    Summer at the lake!

    That appropriately describes the beautiful bathing lake in Langenbrücken.

    The bathing lake "Äußeres Fischwasser" is a calm lake embedded in an extraordinary natural landscape.

    There are sanitary facilities as well as food and drinks.

  • Baggersee "GypSea" Kronau

    Zum Lußhardtsee, 76709 Kronau, Germany .

    Der Baggersee "GypSea" in Kronau ist ein Seeparadies für alle Badegänger.

    Auch für Sportler gibt es  hier einiges ein ein Beachvolleyball-Feld, Tischtennisplatte und ein Basketballkorb.

    Natürlich gibt es auch hier eine Strandbar mit kühlen Getränken und Cocktails.

    Eine Teststation ist direkt vor Ort.


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  • Wandern rund um Bad Schönborn

    Franz-Peter-Sigel-Straße, Bad Schönborn, Germany .

    Wandern rund um Bad Schönborn

  • Radtouren rund um Bad Schönborn

    Franz-Peter-Sigel-Straße, Bad Schönborn, Germany .

    The Bad Schönborn region is a cycling paradise.

    With currently 132 bike tours, recreational athletes and active vacationers have a large and very varied range to choose from on site.

    A total of 76 bike tours, 5 MTB tours and 21 racing bike tours and 30 others lead through the Bad Schönborn region and invite you to explore. You will find our highlights under the QR code shown.

  • WellMobilPark E-Bike Verleih

    Kraichgaustraße 16, Bad Schönborn, Germany .

    At WellMobilPark you can rent e-bikes. Enjoy the landscape and take a nice trip through the Kraichgau.

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  • Kleintierpark Bad Schönborn

    Kraichgaustraße 25, Bad Schönborn, Germany .

    Our park is home to around 300 different animals of around 25 species. To this day, the zoo has largely remained true to the motto “animals from our homeland”.

    Thus, around a large renatured pond,

    all kinds of free-roaming poultry (e.g. ducks, pigeons, chickens, geese, peacocks and funeral swans).

    The dwarf rabbits are a special attraction for our visitors.

    But every viewer will also love sheep and goats.

    Our large children's playground is located in the entrance area of the small animal park.

    On the playground area, several swings, seesaws, sandboxes, climbing towers and much more invite the little zoo visitors to let off steam and romp around.

    You can find the link to the small animal park here:


  • Tierpark Bretten

    Salzhofen 9, Bretten, Germany .

    Experience animals up close .....

    Feeding is allowed with our animals! You can buy animal feed from us (€ 1.00) or you can bring suitable items such as: fruit, vegetables, bread, uncooked pasta, etc. (of course nothing moldy, rotten or sweet). Fearful people should do the first round in the zoo without food, because then the animals are more cautious!

    You can stroke with us as long as the animal allows it and it is not hunted.

    Once you've left the front gate, you're ready to go.

    On some days, the first animals to roam freely await you here.

    There are many animals that roam freely between visitors throughout the zoo, but also animals behind fences that can also be fed and petted!

    Of course, it is also inevitable that too bold people cannot wait to get the food they have brought with them and even jump up on you, steal food bags entirely or nibble on clothing, etc.

    Therefore, prepare for it and do not just come with your most beautiful clothes.

    You can visit our zoo with a pram (including twins) and a wheelchair.

    Our paths are paved, but not always completely clean, especially in bad weather, as the animals can move around freely and, in addition to their legacies, also carry mud from the meadows onto the paths.

    There is a municipal playground in front of the entrance gate and, opposite the parking lot, there is a climbing forest!

    More information at:

  • Tierpark Malsch

    Alte Poststraße 25, Malsch, Germany .

    The Letzenberg zoo in Malsch is home to around 250 animals of various species.

    205 of these are birds and laying animals, including ducks, geese, peacocks, African gray parrots and macaws, as well as many other smaller bird species.

    There are also around 50 mammals to see in the zoo.
    In addition to our rabbits, goats, donkeys and the ponies Silver, Luna and Cindy, our two pigs Jolanda and Miranda are also very popular with small and large audiences.

    Of course there is also a wonderful playground for the children here, where they can let off steam.

    Additional Information:

  • Zoo Heidelberg

    Tiergartenstraße 3, Heidelberg, Germany .

    One of the popular zoos is in historic Heidelberg. There are over 2000 different animals to discover.

    In December 2019, the zoo affected exactly 1,726 animals from 159 species, of which 522 were populated kidneys from 53 species, 466 birds from 85 species, 45 reptiles from 10 species and other insects, crabs and amphibians.

    The different sorts of monkeys, predators, elephants, zebra, kudu, birds, pony, chickens, kangaroos

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  • Zoo Karlsruhe

    Ettlinger Str. 6, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany .

    Just forget everyday life and relax in nature? The Zoological City Garden Karlsruhe invites you to relax and unwind with its many different gardens and green spaces. After a nice afternoon in the zoo, or as a break in between, you can round off a great day with a gondoletta ride on the Stadtgarten See.


    More information is available here:

  • Reptilium Landau

    Werner-Heisenberg-Straße 1, Landau, Germany .

    As the largest reptile zoo in Germany with over 1000 animals, we offer you a special kind of experience with snake presentations and feedings on an area of 3400m². Help with feeding, let spiders run over your hand or take a free photo of yourself and a snake with you home. In our indoor zoo you can enjoy a year-round holiday atmosphere at 25 to 30 degrees - we look forward to your visit!

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  • Minigolf Langenbrücken

    Franz-Peter-Sigel-Straße 41, 76669 Bad Schönborn .

    Let the ball roll with a round of mini golf!

    The mini golf course is only a 3-minute walk from our hotel and is fun.

  • Mini golf

    Giesgrabenweg 38, Bruchsal, Germany .

    Playing fun on artificial turf with quartz sand for optimal ball flow.

    Far away from the city noise, you can enjoy your free time in a harmoniously landscaped green area in the lower palace garden.
    The attractive sports and leisure activities for children and young people
    and adults from March to September.

    An ideal destination for families, friends and couples.

    Away from everyday stress, you can play 9, 18 or 27-hole garden golf here with us.

    If you don't want to do sports or need a little break,
    can overlook our beautifully landscaped terrace
    Linger over the system with a coffee or beer.

    Of course, we also offer small snacks, such as the popular Lorenzo baguettes or a large selection of ice creams.

    With the large parking lot directly in front of the square, the tram connection and the city bus stop in the immediate vicinity, you can easily reach us on all routes.

    More informations:

  • Schloß Heidelberg

    Schlosshof 1, Heidelberg, Germany .

    Heidelberg Castle is one of the most famous ruins in Germany and the symbol of the city of Heidelberg. Until it was destroyed in the War of the Palatinate Succession, it was the residence of the Electors of the Palatinate.

    Whether classic castle tour, costume tour or concert: there is something for every taste. Diverse offers surprise and offer unforgettable hours in a unique atmosphere.

    There is information here:

  • Baroque castle Bruchsal

    Schloßraum 4, Bruchsal, Germany .

    Bruchsal Castle in the Baden-Württemberg city of Bruchsal was the residence of the Prince-Bishops of Speyer.

    It is particularly famous for the impressive stairwell by master builder Balthasar Neumann: the "crown of all baroque style stairwells".

    There is information here:

  • Kaiserdom in Speyer

    Domplatz, 67346 Speyer, Germany .

    The Imperial and Mariendom in Speyer is known as the Speyer Cathedral. It is located in the Rhineland-Palatinate city of Speyer and is the cathedral church of the Catholic diocese of Speyer and the parish church of the cathedral parish.

    Further information:

  • Kloster Maulbronn

    Klosterhof 5, 75433 Maulbronn, Germany .

    Das Kloster Maulbronn ist eine ehemalige Zisterzienserabtei in der Ortsmitte von Maulbronn. Kleinstadt und Kloster liegen am Südwestrand des Strombergs, der sich im südlich des Odenwalds und nördlich des Schwarzwalds gelegenen Kraichgau erhebt. Die nächste Großstadt ist das baden-württem­bergische Pforzheim.

    Maulbronn gilt als eine der am besten erhaltenen mittelalterlichen Klosteranlagen nördlich der Alpen.


    Photo credits: State Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg, Arnim Weischer

  • Burg Hirschhorn

    Burg Hirschhorn, Hirschhorn, Germany .

    Hirschhorn Castle is the southernmost attraction of the Hessian palace administration.

    The extensive complex, with its unmistakable silhouette of walls, gables and tower, is one of the most beautiful in the Neckar Valley.

    You can get more information here:

  • Burg Guttenberg

    Burgstraße 1, 74855 Haßmersheim, Germany .

    Guttenberg Castle is one of the oldest and most beautiful castles in Germany. Here you can admire flight demonstrations of the birds of prey, explore life in the castle museum in the castle museum and enjoy hearty knight meals in the castle tavern.

    More information:

  • Indoor Spielplatz

    Brunnenweg 12a, Bruchsal, Germany .

    The Kids2Kids indoor playground offers a huge play area with enough space to let off steam and explore!

    There are various bouncy castles, a climbing and sliding paradise, a huge ball pit and large Lego bricks to build for children of all ages.

    There is also a small restaurant there with various dishes and drinks for all daring robbers.


    More informations:

  • Märchenparadies Heidelberg

    Königstuhl 5a, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany .

    Experience magical hours with your whole family in the fairytale paradise of Heidelberg. Recreation and entertainment for young and old on Heidelberg's local mountain, the Königstuhl.

    Numerous fairy tale pavilions, a variety of activities, especially for children, and much more are combined on over 28,000 square meters of leisure park area. Since our opening in 1972, as "Children's Paradise Heidelberg", we have put fun and games in the fresh air, especially for children, first.

    Discover numerous fairy tales, such as Snow White, Dwarf Nose, Rumpelstiltskin or the Baron of Lies Münchhausen, the very lovable, mysterious fairy-tale characters known from books, new.

    With us you can ride many different trains. Our park railway is very popular with young and old. But you can also take a ride on our monorail horse-drawn tram or the witch's train. Or just take a ride with our mountain kite.

    But not only we move you! You should move too! We have a large playground with a climbing lock and a huge jumping cushion. In our "Crazy World" you can ride crazy bikes or make big jumps on our trampolines.

    More information can be found here:


    • Luisenpark Mannheim

      Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 2, 68165 Mannheim, Germany .

      The Luisenpark Mannheim has a lot to offer 365 days a year and it is not for nothing that around 1.2 million visitors come to Mannheim's Luisenpark, known as one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. On curved park paths and past spraying water fountains and groups of trees and bushes in bloom, many walkers in search of peace and quiet take their meditative laps every day.

      Families with children enjoy simply drifting around for a day in the park at the weekend - without a plan, and yet always with a lot of variety: Many themed playgrounds such as the mud playground, the huge water playground, the castle and adventure playground and many toddler play areas provide for a vision for the evening that is much sought after by parents: the child is as fulfilled as it is exhausted! By the way, there is input for the little heads in our diverse animal reserves: guinea pigs, pelicans or the smallest crocodile in the world!

      We can also see penguins from the Humboldt Current of Chile, but these are currently housed in the Frankfurt Zoo, as we are building a new center of the park for the Federal Horticultural Show in 2023 and the animal area is being generously redesigned. You can find more about the new park center here ...

      On the farm with goats, rabbits, mini Shetland ponies and our two Jersey cattle Heidi and Clara, you can get up close and personal with livestock farming. Our zoo keepers have an open ear for questions! In bad weather, our large natural indoor playground with lots of sand and wooden play equipment beyond the ball pit and bouncy castle attracts thousands of kids from the region.

      Those inquisitive are also drawn to the Green School, the creative and ambitious to the leisure center, those interested in culture to the floating stage and the magic of the floating stage or to the Chinese Garden, the artful complex with its true-to-original, largest Chinese tea house in Europe. Our underwater world is currently closed because it will also be completely redesigned for the Federal Horticultural Show in 2023. The insider tip in bad weather or in winter, in addition to the many white storks that live freely in the park, is the plant show house: In “Mannheims Dschungel” you can go on a subtropical safari or in the butterfly house, which is being transformed into a South America house for BUGA23, you can admire hundreds of colorful butterflies let flutter around!

      So it's no wonder that the Mannheimer Luisenpark regularly ranks first among the leisure facilities in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region in the citizen survey! Romantics can rely on the mountain stream, a decelerating gondoletta ride in a yellow and white boat on the Kutzerweiher or relaxation in the unique sound oasis, where you can listen to spherical sounds in the great outdoors: the Luisenpark offers relaxation, culture and pure nature - just “Everything everything OK"!

      More information at:

    • Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

      Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, Cleebronn, Germany .

      Over 100 original attractions are waiting to be discovered. Each one is lovingly designed. With us everything is real and authentic. We inspire the whole family: small children, teenagers and adults.
      You can also feed deer and mouflons in our wild park. There is also a petting zoo with goats, sheep and donkeys. Observe bears, wolves and lynx in a species-appropriate and spacious environment. A daily highlight is the feeding round: Experienced gamekeepers and zookeepers impart interesting information about the behavior of the animals (currently not taking place). Eagles, buzzards, kites, vultures and owls live in aviaries up to 1,200 square meters in size. During the flight demonstrations on the falconer's grandstand, the birds of prey glide over the heads of the audience and demonstrate their impressive flying skills (currently not taking place). Another highlight are the free-flying storks that breed on the grounds of the wildlife paradise and adventure park.

      For more information follow the link:

    • Kurpfalz-Park in Wachenheim

      Kurpfalz-Park Wachenheim, Wachenheim, Germany .

      In the midst of the unspoilt forest and mountain landscape of the Palatinate Forest, breathtaking nature experiences await you in the 700,000 m2 Kurpfalz Park.

      Encounter lynxes and mouflons, fallow, red, and wild boar on your foray through the wildlife park. Get to know our wolf pack and experience falcons and eagles in our exciting birds of prey free flight show.

      Do you want fun and action? On the Kurpfalz-Coaster and the free-fall slide it goes rapidly downhill, the suspension chair lift lets you float on "cloud 7", in our bumperboats you whiz across the water.

      Would like more? See you in the Kurpfalz-Park!

      More information at:

    • Europa-Park in Rust

      Europa-Park-Straße 2, Rust, Germany .

      Europa-Park is the perfect destination in every season!

      In spring, the fast roller coasters drive away any tiredness and the colorful flower beds ensure a good mood! In summer, the sparkling water attractions cool heated spirits and on warm summer evenings there are countless events and delicious cocktails. In autumn, when creepy figures populate the park, thousands of pumpkins decorate the paths and create a unique atmosphere. And in winter Europa-Park is transformed into a true winter wonderland with snow, fir trees, music and lots of lights.

      When are you coming?

      Here you can get more information:

    • Holiday Park

      Holidayparkstraße 1-5, 67454 Haßloch, Germany .

      Holiday Park, the large amusement park near Mannheim, is the ideal destination for a trip! More than 45 sensational attractions offer action, fun and fascination for all age groups! NEW 2020: DinoSplash

      For everyone who loves challenges and is looking for an extra kick of action and speed, the bigFM Expedition GeForce is an absolute must. This internationally award-winning giant rollercoaster offers 7 airtimes and top speeds of 120 km / h!

      Need more thrills? Then experience the feeling of complete weightlessness in the mysterious Free Fall Tower - who dares to open their eyes and enjoy the breathtaking view? Or try Sky Scream: The unique 55m high, triple catapult rollercoaster accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in the shortest possible time and gives you goose bumps.

      Refreshing family fun can also be experienced in the water attractions such as the new Dino Splash white water ride or the lively Wickie Splash.

      Those who prefer to be behind the wheel should not miss the interactive Sky Fly carousel.


      More informations:

    • Miramar Erlebnisbad

      Waidallee 100, Weinheim, Germany .

      Jump into the waves under the light-flooded building dome, relax and enjoy the warm water and let the South Sea mood arise or feel the adrenaline rush in the fabulous slide world: there is something for the whole family in the miramar adventure pool.

      The youngest guests can expect exciting adventures and lots of fun in the jungle bay and on the large playground. The gigantic slide world with ten spectacular adventure slides offers fun and action for all ages.

      If you are looking for peace and quiet and want to switch off, you can relax in the massage bath, in the flow channel or in the gemstone pools. Sufficient space and loungers to enjoy the fresh air are located in the spacious outdoor area.
      In the summer months, the adjacent Waidsee offers first-class swimming and relaxation opportunities, and the perfect holiday feeling can be fully enjoyed on the sandy beach of the lake.

      And if you get hungry after all the fun in the pool, you can enjoy delicious food and drinks at fair prices in the restaurant.

      More information can be found here:

    • Aquadrom Hockenheim

      Beethovenstraße 41, Hockenheim, Germany .

      The Auqadrom in Hockenheim offers fun for young and old.

      This is ensured by the 25m long sports pool, a bathing area with a non-swimmer area, various whirlpools and a flow channel, a 72m long giant slide with several changes of direction, light effects, lightning and starry skies, a 32 ° C brine pool with massage jets and underwater sounds, an outdoor brine pool with a temperature of 33 ° C Water and a newly designed area for small children. There is also an outdoor swimming pool connected there, which opens its doors in summer.

      Additional Information:


    • WieTalBad Schwimmbad Wiesloch

      Am Schwimmbad 10/12, Wiesloch, Germany .

      The WieTalBad outdoor pool in Wiesloch has a spacious green area with its old trees and the above-average water surface of 2,330 m², which also includes the 50-meter Olympic pool, which is so popular with athletes, new offers have been added.

      Visitors seeking relaxation will find a pool with bubble beds, a massage bench with massage jets, and a sand dune.

      Those who prefer excitement, adventure and entertainment will find it on the 80 meter long giant slide or in the flow channel or in a sporting competition on the beach volleyball field, the five-a-side football field or on the basketball hoop.

      Particular emphasis was placed on improving the offer for small children. A water play area has been created close to the cafeteria with its spacious terrace that inspires children to use the medium of water. The children's play area is not far away.

      Elderly people and people with disabilities were also considered. The pools were equipped with stairs that make it easier to get in and out. The entrance area and the internal route are barrier-free.

      More information is available here:

    • Bäder- und Saunapark AQWA

      Schwetzinger Str. 88, Walldorf, Germany .

      Just dive in!

      Whether bathing mermaid, long-term slider, track diver, high diver or water splash - there is something for everyone at AQWA in Walldorf!

      Come for a short vacation to the AQWA bathing and sauna park in Walldorf!

      Swimming, bathing, diving, sliding, paddling, having a sauna and relaxing - it's like a little vacation for the whole family. Whether it's sporty swimming on the 25-meter lane, having fun in the children's pool or splashing around in the toddler area, the AQWA has exactly what everyone wants.

      More information is available here:

    • Schwimmbad Bruchsal

      Sportzentrum 7, Bruchsal, Germany .

      Treat yourself to a break from everyday life with relaxation and wellness in the SaSch! Indoor swimming pool. Whether adults, children or sports clubs, the SaSch! Indoor swimming pool offers bathing pleasure for everyone. The adjoining outdoor pool opens annually in summer.

      More information is available here:

    • Wasserski & Wakeboard Sankt Leon

      St. Leoner See 1, 68789 Sankt Leon-Rot, Germany .

      Here you can experience water skiing & wakeboarding on the Sankt Leoner See.

      Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier, you can experience the fun on the water slope up close.

      Are you interested? Then follow this link:


    • Kanu / Kajak / Stand Up Touren

      Holzgartenstraße 18, Bietigheim 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany .

      All year round in the river!

      We are your provider for canoe and SUP rental as well as an organizer for guided paddle tours.

      On the way we are on the romantic Enz from Mühlacker via Bietigheim-Bissingen to Besigheim, on the impressive Neckar from Stuttgart via Ludwigsburg to Heilbronn and the wildly romantic Rems from Weinstadt-Endersbach to Waiblingen.

      If you want to go canoeing or go on a trip on stand up paddling boards with friends, family, club or colleagues on your own, you will find the right offer on our homepage:

    • Tretbootverleih Heidelberg

      Uferstraße, Heidelberg, Germany .

      At the boathouse on the Neckarwiese in Heidelberg you can rent pedal boats and motor boats from April to the end of October and spend the day with the whole family on the Neckar.

      Further information is available from this link:

    • SEA LIFE

      SEA LIFE Centre Speyer, Im Hafenbecken 5, 67346 Speyer, Germany .

      Located directly on the Speyer Rhine, the SEA LIFE Speyer awaits you.

      Over 3000 animals from 100 species take you on a fascinating journey through the underwater world.

      A journey through the most varied of oceans, tropical coral reefs, the "Amazonas" theme world, Marty sea turtle in the tropical ocean

      Passing morays, rays and cat sharks, it goes through the Mediterranean Sea to the tropical ocean with the eight meter long underwater tunnel. Not only children can expect an unforgettable experience on a day trip to the SEA LIFE Speyer.

      Here is the link to Sea Life:

    • Weisse Flotte Heidelberg

      Neckarstaden 25, Heidelberg, Germany .

      The White Fleet Heidelberg currently has six ships and one ferry, the Liselotte von der Pfalz.

      Our fleet is therefore one of the largest of the river shipping companies in southwest Germany.

      Here you can book round trips, Neckar and Rhine trips as well as castle trips and enjoy the day on the water.

      You can get more information here:

    • E-Kart Tour durch den Hockenheimring

      Am Motodrom 68766 Hockenheim .

      The first part of the approximately 90-minute e-kart tour consists of a classic guided tour and begins in the Motor Sports Museum.

      After visiting the south stand, the participants change their perspective from the pure observer to the active racing driver, because they are literally “on the track”.

      After a briefing, they climb into the state-of-the-art e-karts at the east stand, with which they will circle the almost 4.6 km long course twice during the further course of the tour.


      For more informations:


    • Eishalle Wiesloch

      Parkstraße 1, Wiesloch, Germany .

      Off to the ice!

      The ice rink in Wiesloch is open every day during the winter season. In addition, food and drinks are offered in the own bistro.

      Great, varied fun for the whole family awaits you here.

      More information is available here:

    • Freizeit- und Sportzentrum Mehliskopf

      Am Stadtwald 4, Bühl, Germany .

      The leisure and sports center Mehliskopf offers various leisure activities for every season. In summer you can go archery, bungy jumping, downhill carts, ride a bobsleigh run and let off steam in the climbing park.

      In winter, the facility is transformed into a ski area with ski lifts, a snow park and ski hiking trails.

      More information at:

    • Kletterpark Bretten

      Salzhofen 10, Bretten, Germany .

      Experience the forest from a new perspective

      With over 150 exercises at a height of 1-12 meters, the unique climbing area and our ultra-long zip line course with a total of over 40 zip lines over 2,000m in length and the three kid's course for our climbing monkeys from around 3 years of age, the climbing forest Bretten offers a special kind of leisure experience Fun and self-awareness in nature for the young and the young at heart, individuals, families and groups of all kinds.

      Further information is available here:

    • Kraichgauer 3D Bogenpark

      Schützenhaus 1, 76669 Bad Schönborn, Germany .

      Learn archery with lots of fun and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

      We offer beginner courses, advanced courses, individual lessons and archery in the hall.

      These are accompanied by our staff to bring you closer to the world of archery.

      More information is available here:

    • Lago Bowling Center

      Gablonzer Straße 13, Karlsruhe, Germany .

      The Lago Bowling Center in Karlsruhe is located over 24 lanes, billiards, darts, air hockey, table football and also Sky trades.

      In addition, the north restaurant there offers some food and drinks.

      Yesterday the link:

    • Kegelcenter Ubstadt

      Zum Kleebühl 3, Ubstadt-Weiher, Germany .

      Spend wonderful hours with friends and acquaintances playing sports and games on our bowling alleys, which you can rent from us by the hour.

      We are looking forward to your visit!

      More information is available here:

    • Paintball Ranch

      Untere Hub 1, Karlsruhe, Germany .

      Experience wild paintball adventures on 6 themed fields spread over 15,000 square meters.

      A lot of action awaits you here with light games, photos and the latest equipment.

      More information is available here: 

    • Paintball Arena Kraichgau

      Breite Seite 20, Sinsheim, Germany .

      Experience paintball action on over 5,000 square meters in Sinsheim in the Mannheim, Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Heilbronn area in any weather. Three indoor playing fields & one outdoor playing field await you! The largest multi-paintball facility in Baden-Württemberg is on the A6. Individual players and groups of up to 130 people dive into a unique themed world.

      Additional Information:

    • World of Lasertag Arena

      Maybachstraße 6, Eppelheim, Germany .

      In our World of Lasertag Action Arena in Heidelberg Eppelheim we offer you the ultimate game and action fun for young and old on 460 m².

      The arena extends over 2 levels and you can have fun with 15 vests in up to 6 different teams at the same time.

      A special highlight in the hall is our second level, which extends over 80 m². From there you not only have an excellent overview of the entire hall, the elevation also opens up many tactical possibilities. You can run under the full elevation and tag other players from bottom to top and vice versa.

      Plexiglass panes were used for the second level, which Xavier Naidoo used on stage when he was playing in Mannheim in 2004.

      More information is available here:

    • Segway Tour durch Heidelberg

      Neckarmünzgasse 10, Heidelberg, Germany .


      Discover the highlights of Heidelberg and explore the city on a tour with a Segway along the Neckar.

      Take a look at the sights of the city and visit the Heidelberg Castle for a fantastic view.

      Here you can book various guided tours with Segway and experience the historic city anew.

      Here you can get more information:


    • Luxor Filmpalast Kino

      Impexstraße 1, Walldorf, Germany .

      The Luxor Filmpalast cinema in Walldorf shows all the latest from the film world and has six halls with high-quality equipment.

      More Information:

    • Dr. Carl Benz car museum

      Ilvesheimer Str. 26, 68526 Ladenburg, Germany .

      Experience the history of mobility as if you were there yourself.

      From the wooden balance bike of Freiherr von Drais to the motor scooters of the 50s. From the 1st automobile in the world to the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 “Silver Arrow”.

      Over a hundred vehicles await you as impressive witnesses of the past. In showcases you will find unique mementos from the life of the Benz family.

      The topic of motorsport is in the Dr. Carl Benz has its own hall dedicated to it. Here they stand again, the former competitors on the racetracks, side by side again. From the famous AVUS racing car from 1921 to the Mercedes Silver Arrow and the newer generation of Formula 1 racing cars.

      Further information:

    • Planetarium

      Wilhelm-Varnholt-Allee 1, Mannheim, Germany .

      The planetarium in Mannheim is one of the first locations worldwide. Today's large planetarium is equipped with the most modern projection technology and thus allows extraordinary experiences. The projection dome has a diameter of 20 meters and seats 235 spectators.

      Further information:

      Photo credit: Christian Gaier

    • Freilichtmuseum für Eisenbahn und mit deren Geschichte

      Viktor-von-Scheffel-Straße 1, Bad Schönborn, Germany .

      On our extensive grounds you will find a large number of historical exhibits from the history of the railway in original size.

      On public travel days, we offer travel operations with passenger trains in 7 1/4 and 5 inch gauges. We use steam, internal combustion and battery locomotives for this. As a guest, you have the choice of which trains you would like to travel on.

      Our catering department ensures that no guest has to go hungry or thirsty. In addition to grilled food, french fries and much more, there is coffee and homemade cakes. All food and drinks at family-friendly prices while stocks last!

      Further information:

    • Kurpfälzisches Museum Heidelberg

      Hauptstraße 97, Heidelberg, Germany .

      The house for explorers and connoisseurs - your visit to the Kurpfälzisches Museum
      Enjoy the Heidelberg Castle in perfect beauty. Find out what Liselotte of the Palatinate experienced at the French court or what the jester Perkeo preferred to drink? For some it is the magnificent paintings that tell stories, for others it is the quiet beauties such as Tilman Riemenschneider's twelve-messenger altar or the pictures of the Heidelberg Romanticism that make a visit to the museum what it is.
      Or you can dive deep into the past and visit the large archaeological exhibition. The Homo Heidelbergensis and many other finds show the eventful history of Heidelberg, from the beginnings through Roman times to the Middle Ages.

      More informations:

    • Alte Brücke Heidelberg

      Am Hackteufel, Heidelberg, Germany .

      The Karl Theodor Bridge, better known as the Old Bridge, is one of Heidelberg's landmarks. It is one of the last great examples of classic stone bridge construction and connects the old town with the banks of the Neckar at the eastern end of the Neuenheim district. The predecessors of today's Old Bridge were made of wood. Since they were repeatedly destroyed by wars and floods, Elector Karl Theodor had a stone bridge built over the river (1786-1788). On the city side, the medieval bridge gate, part of the former city wall, has been preserved.

      The bridge monkey is a popular photo opportunity for visitors to Heidelberg. A bridge monkey was mentioned as early as the 15th century at the Old Bridge. Today's bronze sculpture by Professor Gernot Rumpf was erected in 1979.

      The monkey is a symbol of ugliness, shamelessness, lust and vanity. His bare bottom symbolizes ugliness, but also lasciviousness. The mirror that he holds in his left hand symbolizes vanity, as does the ring that he wears on his left back hand. With his right front hand he stretches his index finger and little finger towards us, signifying averting the evil eye. Humans mockingly look at the monkey, who scornfully returns the mockery and reduces the viewer to his true size. If the visitor strokes the mirror, that brings prosperity. Whoever strokes the outstretched fingers of the right hand comes back to Heidelberg. To stroke the mice (the artist's trademark) means lots of children.

      More information is available here:,Lde/HD/Besuchen/alte+bruecke+und+brueckentor.html

    • Salzbergwerk Bad Friedrichshall

      Salzgrundstraße 67, 74076 Heilbronn, Germany .

      A unique experience for young and old.

      The Bad Friedrichshall salt mine offers both big and small explorers an unforgettable experience whatever the weather.

      After only 30 seconds of travel in a hoist cage, you will experience the fascinating world of "white gold", which is around 200 million years old, at a depth of 180 meters. At once real salt mining sites in the middle of the huge underground chambers, the diverse history of salt and the mining technology that has changed over the decades are illustrated with modern presentations.

      In addition to spectacular media and laser installations, you can find out all sorts of interesting facts about salt underground, carry out interactive experiments or trigger an impressive show yourself.

      Past and present meet in attractive communication islands. One of the world's largest mining machines, which is clearly presented in the salt mine, is impressive. In the grandiose domed hall with its reliefs in the salt, you can feel like a miner of yesteryear at the end of the visitor tour on a 40 meter long slide.

      More information is available here:

    • Wallfahrtskapelle auf dem Letzenberg

      Wallfahrtskapelle Letzenberg, Malsch, Germany .

      The pilgrimage chapel “Seven Sorrows of Mary” has been located on the top of the 247 meter high Letzenberg in Malsch since 1902.

      It towers over the place by about 75 meters and is visible from afar on the south side of the mountain as a symbol of Malsch.

      On nice days there is a clear view of the Rhine plain and the Kraichgau.

    • Deutsches Musikautomaten-Museum

      Schloss Bruchsal, Schloßraum 4, Bruchsal, Germany .

      The German Museum of Music Automatons is affiliated with the Badisches Landesmuseum and shows one of Europe's largest exhibitions of self-playing instruments in the Baroque Bruchsal Palace: over 300 sounding exhibits document an almost forgotten music and media history from three centuries on three floors.

      More information is available here:

    • Die Badische Landesbühne

      Am Alten Schloß 24, Bruchsal, Germany .

      The Badische Landesbühne, based in Bruchsal, has existed for over 70 years. Here you will experience classics in a modern interpretation, contemporary drama and musical evenings, all together offer a diverse program.

      One of the highlights are the annual open-air performances in summer. The ten-day Bruchsal theater summer in the park of the baroque palace has a special place in the seat of the city.

      More information is available here:

    • Sternwarte-Kraichtal im Astronomiepark

      Sternwarte Kraichtal, Kohlplatte, Kraichtal, Germany .

      Hands-on astronomy!

      The large astronomical models are the highlight of this facility and are another special feature of the events. With the help of the models, the visitor gets an insight into the celestial mechanics as well as a view of the stars with the help of three large telescopes. The park houses many astronomical models with an area of 4,000 square meters. These are all unique and cannot be found at any other observatory.

      More information is available here:


    • Birdland

      Im Mühlhaag, 76709 Kronau .

      The Birdland is a bar with an impressive beach beer garden for young and old. Musicians from all over the region perform there regularly and enchant you with their live music. In addition, there are regular motto parties here to keep you entertained.

      The physical well-being is also taken care of here, whether burgers, tarte flambée, lasagne or vegetarian dishes.

      Further information:

    • Cineplex movie theater

      Bahnhofstraße 13, 76646 Bruchsal, Germany .

      The Cineplex in Bruchsal, centrally located near the train station, was extensively renovated from 2018 and expanded to 9 comfortable and modern cinema halls.

      The best, most modern sound systems ensure a rich sound. A highlight can be found in halls 2 and 9: DBox motion seats move in sync with designated films.

      The Cineplex Bruchsal not only guarantees film enjoyment with its modern equipment. The varied program also leaves nothing to be desired among cineastes: of course, all current films are on the program, which is also enriched with film art, original versions, classic broadcasts and many other niche programs.

      More information at:

      Photo credit: Jessen Oestergaard

    • Rhein-Neckar Arena Sinsheim

      Dietmar-Hopp-Straße 1, Sinsheim, Germany .

      The Rhein-Neckar-Arena is a football stadium near Sinsheim and the home of the Bundesliga club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. The stadium offers 30,164 seats (21,118 seats and 9,146 standing). For international games, the standing room can be converted into seats, which would reduce the capacity by around 4,500 seats. There are also 1,400 business seats and 40 business boxes for ten or more people, all of which are located on the west stand.

      Furthermore, there are 2,500 parking spaces for fans and another 2,500 parking spaces for TV teams, business customers, coaches, etc. directly at the stadium.

      Treat yourself to an exciting soccer game by booking a hotel at the Hotel Häfner.

    • Wildparkstadion Karlsruhe

      Adenauerring 17, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany .

      The club's games are played in the Wildpark Stadium of the Karlsruher Sport Club football club.

      You can purchase tickets for the coveted games under the following link:


      Combine an exciting football game in combination with a stay in a thermal bath in our area and stay with us at the Hotel Häfner.

    • Eishockey Adler Mannheim

      An der Arena 1, 68163 Mannheim, Germany .

      The Adler Mannheim is a world-famous ice hockey club, the club, which was launched on May 19, 1938, is known far beyond the country's borders for its loyal and passionate fan scene.

      More than 10,000 supporters make the pilgrimage to the SAP Arena every week and ensure a great atmosphere at the home games.

      The highlights of the club's history were undoubtedly the eight German championship titles that the team and fans celebrated in 1980, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2007, 2015 and 2019.

      The home games will be played in the SAP Arena in Mannheim.

      Further information about the club or how to order tickets can be found here:

    • Schloss Karlsruhe

      Schloßbezirk 10, 76131 Karlsruhe .

      Karlsruhe Palace was built between 1715 and 1718. For almost 200 years it served as the residence and seat of government of the margraves, then the electors and grand dukes of Baden.

      The palace was given its current baroque appearance in the second half of the 18th century after renovations and extensions that go back to plans by Balthasar Neumann and were realized by the architect Albrecht Friedrich von Kesslau, the then building director at the Baden court, and by his successor Wilhelm Jeremias Müller became. Müller also connected the castle tower, which was originally free, to the central building and provided it with the characteristic dome.

      The Karlsruhe Palace is the center of the Karlsruhe city plan formed by 32 radial streets, the “fan”. Karlsruhe's architectural and urban history is concentrated on the “Via Triumphalis”, the central axis of the rays emanating from the palace. From the castle tower you can best see the unique regularity and symmetry of the city plan.

      The castle has been the seat of the Baden State Museum since 1921. In September 1944, large parts of the castle were destroyed by fire bombs. During the reconstruction, however, the decision was only made to reconstruct the exterior in a historically correct manner. The interior was adapted to the requirements of a modern museum.

      The Badisches Landesmuseum is one of the most active cultural and historical museums in Germany. It presents art and historical worlds from prehistory and early history through ancient cultures, the Middle Ages and the Baroque period to the 21st century.

    • Kinderparadies Heidelberg

      Tiergartenstraße 13, Heidelberg, Germany .

      Abenteuer, Spaß und Erholung im Kinderparadies Heidelberg


      Das Kinderparadies liegt direkt im Sommer-Hotspot neben dem Heidelbeach, dem Tiergartenbad und dem Heidelberger Zoo - Jeder Ausflug in die Kurfürstenstadt wird hier zum perfekten Familienerlebnis. 


      Spannende und spaßige Attraktionen wie die zahlreichen Themen-Hüpfburgen, der Kinder-Hochseilgarten und viele weitere Spaß- und Spielmodule im herrlichen Ambiente am Neckarufer machen das Kinderparadies zu etwas ganz Besonderem. Natürlich stehen auch für die ganz kleinen Abenteuerlustigen altersgerechte Spielgeräte bereit. Auch für das leibliche Wohl wird im Open-Air-Vergnügungspark gesorgt.


      Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier:


    • The Rock Kletterzentrum

      Ziegelstraße 1, Karlsruhe, Germany .

      THE ROCK bietet auf 2.250 qm Kletterfläche und einer Höhe von 16 Metern insgesamt ca. 200 Routen in allen Schwierigkeitsgraden. Die 10 Sektoren bieten eine Fülle an verschiedenen Neigungen, einen 12 Meter ausladenden Wettkampfsektor und ein 8 Meter langes Dach. Hier kann jeder Kletterer im Toprope oder Vorstieg seinen Sport in allen Facetten ausüben. Damit es nicht langweilig wird sorgt unser Routenbau-Team jede Woche für neue Herausforderungen. Zusätzlich bieten die 180 qm große Bouldergalerie mit Moonboard und Campusboard sowie der Boulderbereich im Wettkampfsektor perfekte Trainingsmöglichkeiten.

    • Schlossgartenbahn Karlsruhe

      Schlossgartenbahn, Schloßbezirk 3, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany .

      Die Schlossgartenbahn Karlsruhe fährt jedes Jahr von Karfreitag bis Allerheiligen an Wochenenden und Feiertagen und zwischen Ende Mai und Anfang Oktober auch unter der Woche. Sie fährt jedoch nicht bei schlechtem Wetter und während großer Veranstaltungen im Schlossgarten. Eine Rundfahrt dauert etwa 15–20 Minuten. Sonn- und feiertags kommt in der Regel die Dampflok zum Einsatz, wobei auf den Fahrpreis ein Dampfzuschlag erhoben wird. Freitags wird der Zug von der Porschelok gezogen. Das „Bähnle“, wie es liebevoll genannt wird, erfreut sich unter den Karlsruhern größter Beliebtheit. Die Bahn befördert etwa 50.000 Fahrgäste im Jahr.