General House Rules


Dear guests, in order to make your stay at the Hotel Häfner as pleasant as possible, we ask you to observe the following house rules and to pass them on to all fellow travelers.



The hotel reception is open from 7 am to 9 pm.

At this time we can be reached by phone internally over 100. From outside 0049 72 53 / 9 77 00.

In urgent emergencies, we are available by phone between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m +49 152 09850444 available.

If you have any questions or concerns, our staff will be happy to help you.

The public areas of the hotel grounds and the reception are under video surveillance 24 hours a day for your security!


Parking place

On our entire property you have the opportunity to park or park your car free of charge for the duration of your stay.

Please note that the Road Traffic Act applies to our entire hotel grounds.

Our property is private property that is subject to our domiciliary rights. It is imperative that you follow the instructions of the hotel staff regarding the parking of your vehicle.

Various parking options are provided and marked on our property for parking your vehicle.

Escape and rescue routes that are marked as such must be observed at all times and, if violated, will also result in the immediate removal of your vehicle, which will be subject to a fee.

Parking on our property outside of your stay in our house is only permitted with the express consent of our house. Parking your vehicle on our property is at your own risk. The parking facilities are not guarded, nor are they protected by special protective measures against third-party interference.



The hotel provides at least one key card for each room.

On the day of arrival, the rooms are available from 3 p.m.

An earlier arrival is also possible with prior arrangement and subject to availability.

Dear guests, in order to make your stay at the Hotel Häfner as pleasant as possible, we ask you to observe the following house rules and to pass them on to all fellow travelers.



During your stay in the hotel we ask you to behave in an environmentally friendly manner, especially when dealing with water and electricity.

The hotel employees are entitled to enter the hotel room during the guest's stay for the purpose of cleaning, carrying out repair work and the like.

Our rooms are cleaned daily. Please make sure that the rooms are clean.

In general, we ask you to ensure that the waste you produce is disposed of in the containers provided and that it is not lying around on our premises.

In this context, please also make sure that you dispose of your rubbish in the containers under the beds.

If you have larger amounts of waste, we will provide larger garbage bags at reception.

For safety reasons, it is not permitted to lean out of the windows, they may only be opened for ventilation. The windowsill may not be used as a seat and nothing may be thrown out of the windows.

• Please do not climb on or over the balcony railing.

• Please do not throw pads or tampons in the toilets! (Please use sanitary bag)

• Bed linen is available in all rooms and included in the room price.

• Towels are provided free of charge and also changed if they are in the shower or on the floor.


wireless Internet access

When using the free W-LAN, the provisions of data protection for the protection of children and young people must be observed. Violations must be reported.

In particular, downloads and uploads via so-called file-sharing networks are not permitted and, if violated, lead to claims for damages from our company.

In the event of technical problems with the WLAN, we endeavor to make it operational again as quickly as possible. Old devices belonging to other guests sometimes interfere with access.

Technical problems can occur if outdated smartphones / tablets are registered in the WLAN. Please let us know if you have any problems.



The opening hours can be found separately in the guest folder. No food or drinks may be taken away from the buffet unless expressly permitted by the hotel - for example, upon payment of a surcharge.


Night's sleep, order & security

From 10:00 p.m. the night's rest applies in all rooms, corridors and on the outside area. Any noise should be avoided.

Failure to observe the night's rest can lead to immediate eviction from the house.

The hotel expects respectful interaction with other guests, residents and staff. Leaning out of the windows, sitting on the window sills, throwing objects out of the windows or shouting out of the windows is not allowed.

Emergency exits (also via the windows/balcony) and fire escapes may only be used in emergencies.

It is important to note the maximum payload of the elevator.

The hotel assumes no liability for improper use and the resulting costs are to be paid directly on site.

Regular inspections of the house take place at night.

The entrances are locked at night, access to the house is possible at any time with the help of the key cards.

Persons not booked in the hotel are only permitted access to the rooms after prior registration at the reception.

The hotel can refuse access in individual cases.

The hotel expressly accepts no liability for the loss of valuables (particularly jewelry and cash).


Smoking, illegal drugs & weapons


Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the hotel. In case of violation, the hotel will charge a fee of 50.00 EUR.


The same applies to the manipulation of smoke alarm devices or the unauthorized opening of emergency doors.


The hotel reserves the right to claim higher damages if e.g. B. the hotel is billed for a fire service or a fire caused by unauthorized smoking has caused damage to hotel property.


Bringing illegal intoxicants and weapons is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate eviction.


In any case, the responsible authorities will be informed immediately.



In case of emergency / escape routes


The fire alarm is a loud beep. When this sounds, it is no longer allowed to go to the rooms and the hotel must be left as quickly as possible.


In this case, only the stairs and emergency stairs may be used, but never the elevator.


The emergency exits are marked accordingly.


Escape plans are posted in the stairwell, on the room doors and in the corridors.


The escape meeting point is in front of or behind the house, depending on the situation.



damage, pollution


The customer is liable for culpably or negligently caused inventory damage or gross contamination.


Damage or costs for the removal of gross soiling are to be paid directly on site or will be invoiced later if the hotel has to pay costs for e.g. B. Fire brigade or other operations by third parties.


The latter also applies to damage and gross contamination of the inventory, which is only determined after the customer's departure. In your own interest, please report any damage that you have overlooked upon arrival!


In the event of violations of one or more of the above The hotel employees are entitled to terminate the accommodation contract without notice at any time. The obligation of the guest to pay for the booked overnight stays remains.


If you have a minor mishap, i.e. you cause damage in the room, please contact the member of staff on duty.

We consider damage that is only discovered by our employees after departure as property damage and proceed accordingly.

We will charge the person responsible for the damage incurred.





Pets of any kind are not allowed in the hotel.




Gross violations of the house rules or the disregard of instructions by the staff will result in expulsion from the house. A refund for already paid services is excluded.



Help us to further improve our service!


We would be pleased if you fill out the yellow guest questionnaire in your room, which is ready for you. They help us to detect any defects or confirm our efforts.


Thank you for your attention and for observing these house rules.


If you have any further questions about your stay, we are at your disposal.


We wish you a pleasant stay at Hotel Häfner.


Your Hotel Häfner team



Updated on 08/10/2023